24 Июл, 2018

17 194 installations of Yula application (Facebook)

Offer: Yula application
Source: Facebook
Payout: $2,1 iOS
Number of installations:  17 194
Course $: 1$ = 62 rub
Spent: 13 029$
KPI: registration + publication of ads
Percent of installation approval: ≈ 60%

In order

In June, I worked with an offer called Yula. It’s not the newest one, it’s been on the CPA market for more than 2 years.

Yula is a service from mail for private announcements placement. It is a competitor of the popular Avito.

Terms of work with the offer were not the easiest. Firstly, the offer was old and required lots of installations. Secondly, the payment was carried out on the tracker of the advertiser, where the results were significantly different from the statistics on Facebook. However, there was a positive side — at the time of launch of my advertising campaign, Yula service gained enough popularity and became a brand.

I decided to launch an advertising campaign exclusively on Instagram in the form of static banners.

Preparation of creatives

Preparation of advertising creatives took some time. I decided to divide this process into parts. I had several hypotheses. The first is to ask Yula for internal statistics of popular categories or queries. The second hypothesis is to use Yandex.Wordstat and look for popular queries with the word «buy avito» or «on avito«. And the third hypothesis is to use spy-services and see how the application was promoted during the year.



According to the first hypothesis through the manager, I received a small list of popular requests (the most promising of them are wheelchairs, bicycles). According to the second hypothesis, I found out that the query «buy cars with mileage» and «buy an apartment» is popular in the search. On the third hypothesis, I noticed that Yula was often advertised using banners with images of sofas.

After the introductory data on creatives became known, I started to create banners. In Photoshop, I drew a banner layout in the form of an ad (a large image of the product and small photos below with the effect of scrolling).

  1. Hypothesis — found pictures of versatile carriages and bicycles and thus made 5 banners.
  2. Hypothesis — went to Avito and selected high-quality photos of cars in almost perfect condition. In addition, I emphasized the auto with the tinting, in order to apply a white text in the Photoshop to the rear window — «I will sell urgently, 2014 and price«
  3. Hypothesis — by analogy with cars found beautiful photos of sofas.

The test period

On the test, I launched 1 campaign, inside 1 adset, in which I placed 3 identical banners. Adset launced for 2500 displays and disconnected banners that brought an expensive installation. An acceptable price for one installation was set in the range from $ 0.5 to $ 1. Ads that were not part of this gap were disabled. Such a low installation price is necessary for a simple reason. According to Facebook statistics, the advertiser recorded and paid for about 60 installations out of 100. But the development of approaches and banners allowed to work with ROI 30-40%.

So I worked with this offer until the advertiser dropped the bet from $ 2.1 to $ 1.8. With the new rate, current announcements became unprofitable, and it was risky to advertise a miss lead.


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