3 Июл, 2018

10770 Lamoda application installations (inapp)

Offer: Lamoda appliation
ОС: iOS и Android
Source: inapp
Payout: $2,3 iOS, $1,5 Android
Number of installations: 10 770
Course $: 1$ = 62 rub

In order

In early 2018 I was offered to work with the Lamoda.

Lamoda is a mobile online store application. Work with partners since 2011.

The Lamoda application was offered to promote in inapp traffic to Russia. As many already know in some sources of inapp traffic, it is possible to post campaigns on the CPI model. What does this mean?

The CPI model is the ability to run an advertising campaign for an installation and make payment on the fact of the executed installation.

In other words, MEDIABUYER needs to find a source of inapp traffic with the ability to be placed on the CPI model, as well as prepare promotional materials. In my case, I already had such a source and experience in it.

After my source was agreed with the advertiser, I proceeded to develop promotional materials. As for them, the video was played in horizontal and vertical format with durability about 15 seconds.

Preparation of creatives

How were the promotional materials created?
This process I will describe in detail in the following blogs. Right now I superficially describe the process. Since the advertiser quite meticulously considering the provided creatives, it was decided to create them on the basis of official videos. In the case of promotion for CPI, you can especially not pay attention to the meaning of creativity, and go on the strategy «the more — the better.» So, I decided to upload the maximum amount of video, and then to filter out those that did not bring installations.

My plan included downloading about 200 videos. This amount of video is difficult to do manually, so the first thing I turned to was the admobispy service.

Admobispy — a service for monitoring mobile advertising (both banners and videos).

During this period, the guys from Admobispy launched monitoring video ads from mytarget. Previously, there was not such function.


From here I took all the videos that were available from the service. However, it was not enough for my plan. Then the rest I decided to download from the official youtube channel store.

Video from the official channel, I sorted by popularity and downloaded. If there were long videos, I cut them into pieces for 15-20 seconds in editing program.

The test period

After collecting the necessary amount of advertising content, I began to post it. For two days I have created more than 200 advertising campaigns. This amount is due to the fact that the campaign was created according to the principle 1-1-1 (1 AC — 1 add — 1 announcement). When creating an advertising campaign, you need to specify the price for the installation. I pointed out for iOS around 0.9 $, and for Android around 0.6 $. In this installation price, I laid out possible slices in the final reconciliation reports. So I managed to keep ROI about 90%.


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