6 Июн, 2018

57576$ on JOOM (inapp)

Offer: JOOM application
Source: inapp
Conditions: 80% payment from buyers spending
Duration of advertising campaign: August, September, October
Spending: 32000$ (1 856 000 rub)
Revenue: 57576$ (3 339 408 rub)
Income: 25000$ (1 450 000 rub)
Course $: 1$ = 58 rub

In order.

In August 2017, the online store JOOM was gaining popularity. It is similar to AliExpress. This offer was available for me on Facebook, inapp and VK. Here I will describe the process of advertising campaign from inapp source. What is inapp?

Inapp is traffic from applications. It is exclusively mobile. Applications here are usually promoted for install, merchandise (online shopping), subscriptions, etc.

Since the offer was exclusive to Inapp, I have decided to work with this source. To redeem such traffic there are inapp networks. There are lots of them, but they are all united by one thing — a huge amount of fraud. In our case, the advertiser paid 80% of the expenditure of the client in the online store within 7 days. That is, if you buy a 3D PRINTER for $ 100, then I earn $ 80. You can ask how is it beneficial to the store? I will answer — it is profitable. It is the fact is that the payback of a new client is calculated within 6-8 weeks. Under such conditions, JOOM can afford to give 80% of earnings in the first week, knowing that in 7 weeks this user will pay for itself.

Preparation of creatives.

I used very simple advertising creatives — the top products from AliExpress. It is very easy to find them. It is enough to search in VK.com groups the word «aliexpress», find large groups of this topic and sort all posts by the number of reposts / likes. At the end you will get a list of «interesting» products. In general, I do not support doing creatives or UTS for guessing, but to conduct mini-research, extracting information from different sources. Information obtained turns into a good competitive advantage.

The format of creatives for advertising was video. The video lasted from seven to seventeen seconds. During this time, I decided to show the product and its price, as well as indicate that you can buy it in the application. Video had to be done in vertical and horizontal formats. I have placed an example below.

The test period.

I had to test many creatives. About 10-20 creatives per day. How did I test? I created one advertising campaign and placed horizontal and vertical video inside. Every video was a separate advertising campaign. After the launch of the campaign, I left it for one-two days. For the next day, I looked at the statistics. I had to pay attention on two indicators: the cost of installation of the application and the profit from purchases. As a result of the tests, I found the following KPI of successful creativity: within 3 days the creative works «to zero» or with a small ROI, the advertising campaign brings sufficient volume of installs per day.

Since inapp application is practically not targeted on the gender and demography, I had to test creatives on the broad audience. However, a month later I managed to catch a pattern from the type of product advertised and profits from it. Such goods were accessories for fishing. This made it clear that the main target audience in the advertised applications are men, approximately, up to 45 years.
This information pushed me to look for highly specialized VK.com publics on fishing, hunting, and tourism. Moreover, I had to watch the unpacking of goods on YouTube for hours. By the way, videos on channels of bloggers you can also can sort by popularity.

So, my work within three months was concluded in the following points:
— Analysis of VK and YouTube groups
— Selection of goods for advertising creatives
— Selection of the optimal price from analogues to JOOM
— Development of creatives in Photoshop + Sony Vegas
— downloading of advertising campaigns and testing
— Analysis of the effectiveness of creativity, calculation of profits and ROI


On average, one application installation brought me $ 1. In inapp, I purchased app installs from $0.3 — $0.9 depending on the income of the creative.
By the way, the screenshot from the tracker shows that in parallel, colleagues tested this offer on other sources. Therefore, you can compare the indicators of income per person.
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